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Gas cabinets and stainless steel casings

We produce gas cabinets made of stainless steel. These cabinets are characterized by high mechanical strength, resistance to weather conditions and ensure long-term and trouble-free operation. As elements exposed all the time to the action of weather conditions, they are very well protected against corrosion. The gas meter cabinet made of aluminum steel is powder coated in a selected color from the RAL palette.

Depending on your needs, different types of cabinets are available. We produce cabinets for gas meters that are used by houses – single and double for semi-detached houses, and special-purpose housings used to protect various types of reduction stations, gas control and measurement stations and container stations adapted to the installation of devices for analytical gas odor control.

Technical details

  • Material: Stainless or acid-resistant steel.
  • Application: Construction.

In case of any questions or ambiguities, please contact our office directly.

Manufacturer of gas cabinets

Standard gas enclosures made of aluminum steel are offered by the manufacturer of gas cabinets. They protect gas infrastructure such as meters, regulators and its other elements, which should be well protected against weather conditions and unauthorized persons. Single and double with a gable roof, mounted to the ground and vertical surfaces. For customers who need non-standard solutions, the company offers a custom-made service, according to the provided technical documentation, or from scratch – including design.

Cabinets for valve and gas meter

Devices related to gas infrastructure require appropriate safeguards. We manufacture cabinets for valves and gas meters that meet all the standards required by the regulations. We focus on quality and long-term operation, which is why we use materials that ensure resistance to moisture, sun and mechanical factors. The security level protects against unauthorized access, protecting against dangerous accidents. We make various types of covers, also those made to order.

Free-standing gas cabinet

More and more semi-detached houses are being built in residential construction. In this type of buildings connected to the gas network, we recommend special free-standing gas cabinets to protect gas meters and valves. The double structure is equipped with a double access door system that allows easy access to both meters. The door is closed with a standard lock with the possibility of installing a padlock. The free-standing system means that the cabinet is bolted to the ground, not adjacent to any wall.

Gas cabinet-dimension

The gas infrastructure, which is very popular in our country, requires adequate protection that meets all the prescribed standards. Gas cabinets manufactured by us are guaranteed to meet these standards. Covers manufactured by our company are available in various variants – single, double and large container cabinets for the protection of reduction stations as well as control and measurement stations. The dimensions depend on your needs. We offer many standard models in the catalog, as well as we are focused on non-standard services.

Gas cabinets for two gas meters, i.e. a double cabinet

For individual clients, as well as developers offering semi-detached houses, we recommend gas cabinets for two gas meters made by our company. The free-standing structure is attached to the ground with screws. Appropriate location of the access door provides easy access to both meters and the insight into the status of devices located there. The enclosures are made of aluminum steel, which we paint in a selected color from the RAL palette. Protected against corrosion, they are prepared for many years of outdoor use.

The double gas cabinet manufactured by our company is a response to the upward trend in the residential market, where more and more semi-detached houses are being built. There is no need to install single cabinets in them, the cost of which is higher than that of one double cabinet. The casings protects the meters against unauthorized persons and weather conditions, while ensuring free access to the devices from both sides. The cabinets are made of aluminum steel and have ventilation openings.

Gas cabinets price

We present you our offer, which includes gas cabinets. We produce many variants, because the elements of the gas network base include many different devices that require proper protection that meets the stringent standards according to which we manufacture our products. Available, standard casings can be found in our catalog. The elements are made of various materials and in many variants of equipment, so the price depends on the size of the box and the material from which it is made and additional options.

We are a company that produces gas cabinets in many variants. Each client will find a solution tailored to his needs – single and double aluminum enclosures, container cabinets and special purpose cabinets. We have been operating in the gas industry for over twenty years, so our products meet all the required standards. The price list of boxes is determined individually, because it depends on the options and functionality of the cabinets. The company carries out many non-standard projects and in order to determine the price, please contact the plant directly.

At the client’s request, we are able to make a product of any size and functionality.

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