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Workshop furniture on request - Producer: Jobimet

The industry and the established service need not only machines and devices for work, but also the entire workforce and various furniture. Workers are to be provided with wardrobe lockers, tables and materials that have work and materials for storing products. These kinds of things have to be physically made, so they are either all metal or have physical metal parts.


Our offer is supplemented by workshop furniture, i.e. the necessary equipment for workshops and employee cloakrooms. These are among others:

If you need non-standard furniture solutions or custom-made furniture, please contact us. We are able to design and manufacture a piece of furniture according to customer requirements.


We produce various types of metal cabinets for storing clothes, tools or other elements, as well as tables and chairs. We make them to order for a specific size required by the customer. Steel structures are painted in a selected color from the RAL palette.

A lot of furniture is a combination of wooden and metal elements. For years we have been manufacturing metal parts for various types of furniture produced by carpentry workshops – legs for tables, chairs and benches. Another product made to order are steel doors in a regular or insulated version.