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Standard and Jumbo toolboxes

The tool box is used for storing and transporting tools and materials on the construction site. Used by electricians, plumbers, locksmiths and welders. Made of steel sheet with a thickness of 2 and 3mm. It is moved by four large wheels and 4 lifting eyes. Inside the chest there is a shelf for small items. The box is equipped with a special closure that is difficult to open. Powder coated in RAL 5015 or any other color at the customer’s request.

Technical details

  • Material: Steel plate.
  • RAL Color: RAL 5015 or any.
  • Application: In the electrical and construction industries.

In case of any questions or ambiguities, please contact our office directly.

Below we present the standard dimensions of the product that we offer to our customers. At the client’s request, we are able to make a product of any size and functionality.


  • Height: 730mm.
  • Width: 600mm.
  • Length: 900mm.
  • Mass: 78kg.
  • Lifting capacity: 500kg.


  • Height: 900mm.
  • Width: 690mm.
  • Length: 1000mm.
  • Mass: 93kg.
  • Lifting capacity: 500kg.

In the catalog card, you will find basic technical information about our products.