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Powder paint shop. Powder painting at Jobimet Białystok.

At the beginning of November 2018, JOBIMET opened a modern powder painting line. The painting line consists of: a washer (surface preparation, degreasing, phosphating), a dryer after washing, a manual spraying chamber with powder paint, a powder painting furnace.

The application of protective coatings includes the stages of:

  • Surface preparation – degreasing by washing and phosphating details in the spraying process,
  • Drying after the spraying process,
  • Electrostatic application of powder paint,
  • Melting paint in a powder oven.

Access map


Maximum dimensions
  • Length: up to 4000 mm
  • Width: up to 1000 mm
  • Height: up to 2000 mm
Painting material
  • Black steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

Painting according to the full range of RAL colors and selected NCS colors (on request). We also use zinc primers, anti-corrosion primers and colorless varnishes.

Powder painting price

Powder coating costs are calculated individually. The price depends mainly on the number of surfaces to be painted and: the weight (with thick details), the dimensions of the details, the number of details to be painted, the color, and the method of surface preparation.

Powder painting - Work stages:

1. Surface preparation
The first and most important phase before powder coating is the proper preparation of the surface. Cleaning takes place in the washing chamber with the use of Karcher high-pressure steam devices. Specialist chemicals are used for washing – degreasing with phosphating. After the application of chemicals, conversion layers are formed, which create a primer with optimal adhesion for coating and improve anti-corrosion properties. Aluminum and galvanized materials become slightly roughened by acid treatment with equally good surface properties for paint application.

2. Rinsing and drying of elements
The second stage is the rinsing process with mains water. After washing and surface preparation, the details are dried in a dryer at 110 degrees.

3. Application of electrostatic paint
After drying, the details are transported through the traverses to the painting chamber.
The paint shop is equipped with a modern antistatic booth for the application of powder paints.
Powder paints are sprayed with an electrostatic-pneumatic device on the clean and dry surface of the object. The powder is electrically charged unlike the painted element, is attracted by it and remains until the coating is thermally cured. The operation of applying the powder paint is carried out with guns at low air velocities in conditions that prevent powder entrainment. The powder spraying chamber is equipped with 2 sets for manual electrokinetic application of powder paint by GEMA Optiflex 2 with fluidization tanks.

4. Melting paint in a powder furnace
The details with an electrostatically applied layer of powder paint are then introduced into the furnace chamber. In a chamber heated with natural gas, the powder paint is melted on the workpiece at the temperature of the flow of the material which is the base of the paint. This process is carried out at the temperature of 160 – 200 ºC, for about 15 – 23.0 minutes