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Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is performed using a plasma cutting torch. This is done by melting the metal and throwing it out of the crack. This method is several times faster than in the case of oxy-gas cutting, and thanks to the narrow cutting zone, the temperature influence on the entire material is small, so it does not cause deformations. Another advantage is the considerable thickness of the material that plasma can handle.


  • Nessap 1600 plasma with Thermacut 1357-UR torch
  • Cutting black steel up to the thickness of 20mm
  • Cutting aluminum up to the thickness of 15mm
  • Cutting stainless steel up to the thickness of 15mm
  • Working area – dim. 1500x3000mm


Our company, for plasma cutting, uses a Nessap 1600 plasma cutter with a Thermacut 13-57-UR torch. This allows you to cut even thick sheets, the volume of which depends on the material. In the case of black steel, the thickness is up to 20 mm, aluminum – 15 mm, and stainless steel – 15 mm. The working area is 1500 × 3000 mm.

The machine is equipped with a computer control system, which gives easy automation of the process and precision, as well as allows you to make corrections and track the entire process on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to the plasma torch, the cutting surface is of very good quality.