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Gastronomic devices

The catering services market as well as the requirements of individual customers pose new challenges for manufacturers of equipment used to prepare food. One of the branches are various types of grills and grills. Professional or special-purpose grill, such as yacht grills, must be made in a way that guarantees their good use and long-term operation.


Due to customer demand, our offer has been enriched with gastronomic devices such as:

Due to the numerous clients from the catering industry, we make and design products tailored to the needs of the customer.


As a tribute to the culinary industry, which uses many devices made of high-quality metals, we offer barbecues and other similar equipment. One of them is a rotisserie grill made of acid-resistant steel with a large rotating spit equipped with special handles-forks. Another proposal is a rollbar, to be used in hotels, premises and by individual clients.

Thinking about travel and picnic enthusiasts, we offer a tourist grill with a three-stage grate adjustment and foldable in a way that allows it to be transported in a car trunk. We produce various types of grates for stoves and fireplaces – corner, square, rectangular and other, made to order.