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Gas casings

Gas infrastructure, i.e. all kinds of connections, valves and regulators, require appropriate protection against unauthorized access and weather conditions. Depending on whether they are elements outside or protected inside buildings, all of them should be secured in proper casings and cabinets, in accordance with the required parameters, which can be made of various types of metal sheets and in various tightness classes.


We specialize in gas boxes and casings used in the construction of gas installations. These are among others:

As a manufacturer of gas cabinets and casings, we design and manufacture enclosures to the customer’s order.


We specialize in custom-made projects, according to documentation and customer needs. These include, for example, special-purpose aluminum casings (e.g. casings of reduction stations and other, atypical facilities), gas container cabinets and double-door aluminum casings for semi-detached houses.

Having cooperated for years with companies from the country’s gas sector, we offer:

  • standardized aluminum enclosures (free-standing, surface-mounted, backless version and the other – without back and bottom),
  • stainless – resistant to weather conditions,
  • universal container enclosures (insulated with ventilation and earthing).