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Pipe bending

Pipe bending is one of the so-called plastic working operations. To see how commonly such elements are used, all it takes is just a look around. Starting with railings of stairs, balconies and ending with parts of industrial machinery. Bending is done using many techniques, but in all of them it is done without material loss. During this process, some of the fibers of the material are stretched and some are compressed.


  • Bending machine SB-63-4A
  • Pipe diameter Ø 42 and Ø 60
  • Maximum pipe length 3850mm
  • Possibility of bending pipes and rolling on rolls


Pipe bending can be done in many ways, ranging from homemade, to anvils, vices or the use of appropriate molds. In our company, this process is performed using a numerically controlled SB-63-4A bending machine, which ensures high quality of service, repeatability of effects as well as the possibility of influencing the process at every stage and correcting the program. With this machine, we also make so-called rolling pipes, or in other words – bending.

Preferred pipe diameters are Ø 42 and Ø 60, and the maximum length is 3850 mm.