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Windows and doors transporter TOD-250

The transporter is used to transport heavy windows, internal doors of the warehouse and on the construction site. Made in the form of a platform with rollers for inserting the load (doors, windows). Thanks to a special lever, it is easily lowered and raised. 2 pneumatic wheels with a diameter of O400 are used for displacement. The vertical load is fastened with a clamp with adjustable height. Easy to use, necessary for transport. Capacity max. up to 250 kg.

Technical details

  • Material: Aluminum or steel.
  • RAL Color: RAL 1000
  • Application: In construction for the transport of heavy windows and doors.

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  • Width: 650mm.
  • Length: 800/1600mm.
  • Height: 1500mm.
  • Lifting capacity: 250kg.

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