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Electrical switchboards: flush-mounted, surface-mounted, outdoor

Low voltage electrical switchboards are very commonly used, for example, in single and multi-family residential buildings, shops, schools and any other non-industrial buildings. Their size and structure depend on the purpose and size of the currents. The necessary element here are enclosures that protect switchboards against unauthorized persons and weather conditions.


Our offer includes many products used in the creation of electrical installations.

As a manufacturer of switchboards and electrical boxes, we are able to design and manufacture a product on a special customer request.


We manufacture RG main switchboards, whose task is to measure and distribute electricity. The place where they are installed are industrial facilities and public utility buildings. Another type of switchgear produced are blocky switchboards used for the distribution and production of electricity in multi-family buildings.

Construction switchboards are made of steel, aluminum or estrodur sheet, depending on the required degree of insulation. Our offer also includes automatic-electric systems, the so-called standby power supply systems, performed in plants and networks that must have continuity of power supply.