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Transport and tool trolleys

In industrial plants or in services, special equipment is often required to transport specific elements. The simplest examples of this are windows, doors or various types of boards – plasterboard, OSB, plywood, which require an appropriate trolley and lift. The same is true for the transport of feed in agriculture and rubble in the construction industry.


Transport trolleys are an inseparable device used in construction, production lines or warehouses. Our offer includes:

Jobimet, as a production company, also offers design and implementation of trolley solutions according to the customer’s guidelines.


We produce various types of carts, transporters and lifts. The appropriate profiles in trolleys intended for the transport of windows, doors or large-size panels ensure the arrangement and fastening of the transported elements, thanks to which they are not exposed to damage and can be used for the transport of this type of elements in warehouses and on the construction site.

The KU-500 universal transporter is designed for transporting solid or loose feed, debris at construction sites or other construction materials with a maximum load of 500 kg. We also produce professional crates equipped with swivel wheels that allow easy transport of tools on construction sites or large stationary crates with the possibility of mounting in buses and construction vehicles.