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Yacht grill

Due to its construction, the grill is intended for yachts, motorboats. The yacht grill has a special pipe mounting that allows it to be mounted on specially adapted holders. The used handle with a lock enables safe use in difficult conditions. In order to prevent excessive heating of the tank, an additional sheet was used – thus raising the furnace and obtaining free air circulation. It is possible to use additional legs, which makes it a garden grill.

Technical details

  • Material: Acid-resistant steel.
  • Steel grade: 14301.
  • Steel thickness: 1,25mm.
  • Extras: Possibility to buy three legs, then the grill can be used as a garden grill.

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At the client’s request, we are able to make a product of any size and functionality.

  • Diameter: 350mm.
  • Legs: 750mm.

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