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Metal casings and electric lockable boxes. Producer Jobimet.

Casings and boxes have been in our production since the beginning of the company’s activity. That is why we offer standard-sized casings as well as custom-made metal casings. There are many sanitary and ventilation devices in houses, public utility buildings and industrial facilities, which must be properly secured. All kinds of cover boxes, casings, ventilation grates, closed metal boxes and doors are used for this. All these elements should meet certain standards and be of good quality ensuring long-term use.


Our offer is primarily casings and boxes, therefore we offer a wide range of products with the widest and most universal applications.

If you want to make a casing with non-standard dimensions and special applications – we are able to help you! Please contact our technical department.


The company offers many types of casings, boxes and doors made of various materials depending on the application and required standards. The offer of curtain doors includes a flush-mounted version for water meters, central heating, gas meters, communication junctions and others.

For closed casings, we offer flush-mounted doors made of steel or galvanized sheet painted in a selected color. On request, the door is secured with a patent lock. A special offer includes special-purpose casings made of stainless or acid-resistant steel that provide protection, among others, dustproof and against water.

Metal casings on request from the manufacturer. Closed metal boxes.

Jobimet is a producer of all kinds of metal casings used in the electrotechnical industry. The company’s offer includes standardized, commonly used casings as well as those for special applications. One of them are industrial casings used in main switchboards designed to measure and distribute electricity in public utility buildings and industrial buildings. This type of product is made of steel sheet with a thickness of 2, 3 or 4 mm, powder coated in a selected color from the RAL palette or acid-resistant steel for special purposes, which is characterized by a high degree of tightness. Metal boxes manufactured in our company are closed with patent locks or other solutions indicated by the customer.

We specialize in custom-made metal casings in accordance with the documentation provided by the customer. We have made many such non-standard projects, several of which are presented on our website. For more detailed information, please contact the company.

Metal electrical casings on request

Our offer of electrical boxes includes universal and metal electrical casings manufactured from 0.8 mm and 1 mm thick steel or zinc sheets, which are powder coated in any chosen color from the RAL palette. Every box comes equipped with a patented universal lock, which is operated with a single code combination or a coin slot mechanism. Our offer also includes metal casings made especially for covering electrical switchgears. We produce them in free-standing, flush or surface variants. These types of casings are commonly used in housing development, industrial and construction sites, as well as transformer stations and other industries. A standard casing is made out of steel sheets, which are later finished by powder coating, that protects the case from corrosion. In special-purpose usage, the casings are additionally protected by using acid-proof steel with a high impenetrability grade – IP 55.

Free-standing electrical casings come in many different variants, such as the gable roof version. Closets used in construction site switchgears are made from steel, aluminum, or estrodur (II class isolation) sheets. The supporting constructions used for such closets are made from hot-dip galvanized structural steel.

We supply construction companies, housing developers, individual clients and others in a variety of electrical casings, which are necessary in keeping all the safety measures and regulations in check. Our offer includes specialized switchgear casings, such as: construction, block, measuring, industrial RG and crane RD variants. Our products are made out of sturdy and safe materials, which warrant long-term durability and pass all the safety checks. Universal casings are available, but we also produce to-order.