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Meeting the requirements of modern technologies requires specialized machines that are able to perform very precise metal processing services by cutting, i.e. a gradual loss of material so as to give the desired shape and size and obtain specific physical and mechanical properties. Such elements are widely used in mechanics, electronics, aviation and many other industries.


  • Maximum cutting length 1000mm – for pipes / bars with a diameter of above Ø60
  • Maximum cutting length 2000mm for pipes / bars with a diameter of less than Ø60


Thanks to the large machine base, we offer our clients a service in the field of metalworking, which includes turning, milling, drilling, threading and punching.

We provide turning and milling of elements up to two maximum lengths, depending on the diameter of the pipes or bars:

– maximum cutting length 1000 mm – pipes / rods with a diameter above Ø60
– maximum cutting length 2000 mm – pipes / rods with a diameter smaller than Ø60.

The drilling service includes tapping, reaming and countersinking, which is all that is necessary in the process of drilling holes. There are also external and internal threadings.