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Hydraulic trolley WH-1500

The hydraulic trolley is used for internal transport. Made of suitable powder-coated profiles, it has a torsional front and rear, which enables the free transport of any loads. The frame of the trolley is raised thanks to the use of a special lifting system equipped with a hydraulic system. Additional handles make it easier for a forklift to place a pallet with materials on a cart. The trolley is equipped with solid or pneumatic rubber wheels with a diameter of O400 mm. The maximum load capacity of the trolley is 1500 kg.

Technical details

  • Material: Structural steel.
  • RAL Color: Any.
  • Application: In-house transport.

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Below we present the standard dimensions of the product that we offer to our customers. At the client’s request, we are able to make a product of any size and functionality.

  • Platfrom length: 1610mm.
  • Platfrom width: 700mm.
  • Height: 555mm / 670mm.
  • Load capacity: 1500kg.

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