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Prefabrication of LV switchboards

Switchgears are elements of the electrical network whose task is to connect, interrupt and separate electrical circuits. Depending on the type of role they are to play on a given fragment of the network, they are equipped with various elements – control, protection, measurement and regulation. Taking into account the principle of their construction, they are divided into panel, box and cabinet switchboards. Each of them is designed for different current values.


  • Electrical switchboards: main, residential and multi-storey
  • Electrical switchboards in flush-mounted, over-plaster, free-standing version
  • Reserve Activation System


We prefabricate LV switchboards, which are designed for low voltage. With over 20 years of experience in this type of work and many completed projects, we offer the production of main, residential and multi-storey switchboards.

Due to the method of installation, we offer flush-mounted, surface-mounted and free-standing switchgears.

The service is provided in accordance with the technical documentation provided by the customer and the required equipment. In addition to connecting various types of electrical systems, we also deal with industrial automation and automatic reserve switching systems.